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September 09, 2021

Are Smart Locks Worth It In Charlottesville

Do you often think about improving your door locks? In past times, you needed to use traditional keyed locks. However, if you are looking for the most advanced solution, you should install a smart device that has the ability to link into your ADT security system.

But are smart locks worth it in Charlottesville? Or will you be wasting your hard-earned money on overly complicated products?

Traditional Locks Versus Smart Locks in Charlottesville

When it comes to locking systems, you have plenty of options. With that in mind, you will discover nearly all entry doors are made secure by either a deadbolt and handle lock combination, a keypad system, or a smart solution integrated into your home security. Operate an ordinary deadbolt, and the cylinder extends into a strike plate which is connected to your wooden frame. The bolts have the option of being a door handle lock that’s spring-operated, which makes it harder to pry open with a a tool like a crowbar. If you don't want to fiddle around with an ordinary keyed entry, you can get a keypad system that engages the bolt through a 3- or 4-number code.

Smart locks are connected devices that is a popular alternative for your traditional handle and deadbolt locks. Like a touchpad solution, you punch in a numerical PIN to unlock your doors. But when you utilize a smart lock, you have the opportunity to link up to your property’s wireless network or your comprehensive home security to add even more features. With the help of a simple mobile app, you are given the chance to:

● Remotely lock and unlock your door

● Set customized keycodes for family members and friends

● Get a phone text if the door lock is opened

● Program temporary entry codes for guests

In What Situations Are Smart Locks Worth It In Charlottesville?

If you are thinking about using a couple smart locks instead of traditional locking systems, you might be unsure if they are worth the upgrade. It might be nice to operate your locks from work, but it really depends on the make or model of how dependable and functional they will be. When going with a single solution not integrated to your security, be certain that your smart lock uses 128-bit encryption and has a cell phone app that's frequently updated.

However, the greatest benefit of a smart lock is found when you link it to your property’s complete security package. This gives you the option of having your locks coordinate with other security devices to increase your safety while making your life easier. For instance, when your video doorbell senses a visitor proceeding toward your front porch, your smart locks are able to click shut automatically. You might also use a geotracking feature on your smartphone security app and have your doors automatically unlock as you turn onto your driveway. You even have the option to set off an alarm if a guest submits an invalid code multiple times.

When you weigh the benefits, a smart lock is worth it in Charlottesville if it’s connected to your overall home security!

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