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September 27, 2021

How You Can Reduce False Alarms from Charlottesville Home Security Systems

False alarms have the potential to be an issue for your home’s defense. They can be expensive and cause your insurance rates to increase, but there’s no need for it to reach that point! You are able to reduce false alarms from your Charlottesville home security system by making sure all family members are instructed on how to properly use it. Best practices like setting up messages to your phone when a sensor is triggered, using automation, and selecting an alarm company that uses around-the-clock monitoring will help prevent the police from visiting your house due to a false alarm.

Train Occupants On Your Home Security System

If there are kids present, be certain they are educated on how to operate the home security system and they comprehend how it's vitally important to the safety of your home. If you keep pets in the house, be sure to show them what will happen when the alarm starts going off - many security systems emanate a high-pitched noise out of sirens or home speakers when a sensor is activated.Train your furry friends not to be scared.

Get Text Updates So You Can Determine If It’s A False Alarm

A cell phone warning won't block a Charlottesville false security alarm, but it may stop emergency professionals from coming out. Innovative home defense plans like those from ADT have the ability to transmit text alerts straight to your cell phone from the integrated security application when your system goes off. It's a nice benefit when you're away from home to know right away when your alarms go off. If you have security cameras, you are able to view the footage and determine if there’s a cause for concern.

Use Automation To Disarm Your Home Security System

Incorporating home automation with your property’s defense is a smart choice to prevent false alarms. The most common cause of false alarms in Charlottesville is owing to the fact that your home defense is accidentally still engaged when you're home. Go through one of your home’s entry points, and a sensor is tripped. But you are able to deactivate your system at a scheduled time, like when your kids come home from school. If you have an automated component like a smart lock, you might even set your system to disable every time the lock is activated with your code.

Turn To 24-hour Monitoring To Keep False Alarms In Check

The best way to limit false alarms is by choosing a home alarm company that offers round-the-clock security monitoring in Charlottesville. These dedicated professionals will investigate your triggered alarms if they detect a normal level of activity at your property. Then, they will connect with you to confirm it isn’t a false alarm. If a false alarm is established, they will remotely reset your system. If there is any indication that you have an intruder, your monitoring agent will advise law enforcement.

Get An ADT Alarm System To Minimize False Security Alarms In Charlottesville

It is important to remember that home defense package can’t completely stop criminal behavior, but it will provide peace of mind and better secure your property. ADT plans also include advanced automation and 24-7 monitoring that plays a critical role in preventing false alarms. Just call (434) 214-6134 or complete the form on this page and one of our specialists will assist you in creating your ideal home security system.